2016 outcomes:

Blood Donation, Manufacturing and Distribution

  • 46,686 red blood cell units collected 
  • 8,522 platelets units collected
  • 24,449 units collected at 1,091 mobile blood drives
  • 22,222 units collected at INBC locations in Spokane, Spokane Valley, Coeur d’Alene, Lewiston, Moscow, Pullman and Moses Lake

Clinical Services

  • 795 procedures performed

Since 1980, INBC's registered nursing staff has provided first-class care while performing therapeutic apheresis procedures on a daily basis. Therapeutic apheresis procedures may be classified as either the exchange of blood components or the selective removal of specific cells.  A portion of the blood is removed or treated, with the remaining components being returned to the patient.  These procedures are performed at our 5 area hospitals in Spokane and North Idaho.


Transfusion Services

  • 29,000 compatibility procedures for 13 hospitals

Simply because two people are the same blood type doesn’t mean their blood is compatible. That is why INBC offers a team of experts in Transfusion Services to perform blood tests, conduct cross-matches and prepare specialized units for patients’ transfusion needs. 

Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) Laboratory
Performed testing to help carry out the wishes of 38 deceased organ donors and their families, along with 13 living kidney donors.  This resulted in 60 organ transplants:  46 kidney, 1 combined kidney-pancreas and 13 heart transplants.  INBC’s HLA Laboratory provides typing, antibody screening and crossmatching services for patients awaiting a heart, kidney or kidney/pancreas transplant.  The laboratory also helped patients waiting for compatible organs through testing to support their enrollment in new desensitization, national sharing and paired donor exchange programs. 

Volunteer Services

  • 372 volunteers contributed 19,045 hours of service through canteen service to blood donors, courier service to hospitals and medical clinics, and clerical assistance.