The medical personnel who met the helicopter at Sacred Heart were waiting for one thing: the platelets to arrive. Amy Packard, pregnant with her first and only child, had just been diagnosed with HELPP, a rare and sometimes fatal disease for which the only effective treatment is to deliver the baby as soon as possible. The doctor told Amy’s husband John to call their relatives. They needed to come to the hospital prepared to say goodbye to Amy, to the baby, maybe both. An emergency C-section was scheduled, even though Amy was only 29 weeks along; but it couldn’t be performed until the platelets arrived. Once they did, the doctors brought tiny Samantha into the world, only 1.9 lbs. and 12 inches. A preemie diaper was so big on her that it went up to her armpits. Like her mother, Samantha needed a transfusion to survive—and thrive.

And thrive she did. Now 24, Samantha just got married to her firefighter husband in a country-themed wedding in Texas. And thanks to the availability of those 22 units of platelets, Amy was there with John to delight in the joy of their “miracle baby.” Amy has a message for those who generously donated their blood: “You made all the difference. We wouldn’t have survived without you.”

You can make that difference to another Amy, another Samantha, and those who love them. Giving blood, time or funds is a life-giving act of generosity.  The Blood Center Foundation of the Inland Northwest asks for your financial gift this Holiday season.  Please support education, research, and technology to help others in your community. It’s a matter of life or death.

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